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5 consejos para cuidar tus extensiones.

Extensiones en mi cabeza. Las uso porque tengo la cantidad de pelo de un toddler.
Extensiones en mi cabeza. Las uso porque tengo la cantidad de pelo de un toddler. (Foto de Itzel Ríos)

Hola! Debido a que tengo el cabello muy delgado y un poco corto y quería un cambio decidí comprar extensiones de cabello y aunque las chavas me dijeron las cosas “básicas” para su cuidado quisiera saber tu experiencia. ¿Cuánto te duraron? ¿Qué cuidados les dabas? etc. No me gustaría que se me arruinaran tan pronto!



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Reseña: Makeup eraser (o el nuevo amor de mi vida. Sorry, guapo).

byebyemapachePara las mujeres amantes del maquillaje (o que lo usan por cualquier razón), despertar es aterrador. Por mucho que intentemos con decenas de bolas de algodón y litros de todo tipo de desmaquillante, siempre queda algo –por lo menos– en las pestañas, lo que a la mañana siguiente se traduce en unos muy adorables pero muy poco atractivos ojos de mapache. (more…)

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Why I love dry brushing

 photo drybrushing_zpsfd04f411.png

Earlier this week I mentioned dry brushing as one of my 5 easy habits for a prettier year. However, I only gave a brief explanation as to why I love it and how to do it.

So I decided that today I would tackle the subject more thoroughly, including both those matters and also advising on how to choose and where to get the right brush.

First things first: what the heck is dry brushing?  (more…)

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Top 5 makeup removers Review, part 4: Lancome Galatée Confort / Comforting Milky Cream Cleanser for Dry Skin

photo lancome_zpsf277a588.png

After a long, busy day, taking off my makeup makes me feel like I’m also taking off my worries and stress. So making a ritual out of it should be a daily routine instead of just an occasional pleasure.

That, my dear readers , is much easier with a product like the one we’re going to discuss today.  (more…)

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5 easy habits to kickstart 2014 with a bang

photo main_zps0c674b9f.png

A new year may bring a lot of new things, but the most important one you should get is a new glow.

Whether it comes in the form of confidence, a project you love or a brand new favorite way to line your eyes, it’s important that you remember that you can renew yourself any day, and there are amazing, small ways that can have big results.

So to kickstart 2014 with a gorgeous glow, here are 5 easy beauty and fashion habits that will make you feel like a million bucks, and (of course) look the part. Also, they’re super, super simple (and may or may not coincide with some personal resolutions).  (more…)

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Top 5 makeup removers Review, part 3: Olive oil, almond oil, any oil.

photo oliveoil_zpscca004d0.png

I love oils. They can be used for any number of things and are always a natural, pure and environmentally conscious choice for beauty.

And as surprising as it may be for some, olive oil is a wonderful makeup remover! Super simple to use (put in cotton ball, rub, rinse face), inexpensive, moisturizing… what else can you ask for?

You can also use coconut oil with similar results. It’s lighter and smells amazing. (more…)

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