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Consejos para comprar tu vestido de novia (sin perder la cabeza)

¿Debo eliminar de facebook a mi ex-

Comprar el vestido que voy a usar en mi boda era la parte del proceso de planeación que más me emocionaba. No tenía idea de cómo iba a ir, de cómo me iban a quedar, de si iba a perder todo el control, de si iba a tener que probarme mil o el primero me enamoraría, o de si me gustaría uno que costaba 80 veces mi presupuesto. No tenía idea de nada pero sabía que quería empezar YA. (more…)

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5 consejos para cuidar tus extensiones.

Extensiones en mi cabeza. Las uso porque tengo la cantidad de pelo de un toddler.
Extensiones en mi cabeza. Las uso porque tengo la cantidad de pelo de un toddler. (Foto de Itzel Ríos)

Hola! Debido a que tengo el cabello muy delgado y un poco corto y quería un cambio decidí comprar extensiones de cabello y aunque las chavas me dijeron las cosas “básicas” para su cuidado quisiera saber tu experiencia. ¿Cuánto te duraron? ¿Qué cuidados les dabas? etc. No me gustaría que se me arruinaran tan pronto!



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Why I love dry brushing

 photo drybrushing_zpsfd04f411.png

Earlier this week I mentioned dry brushing as one of my 5 easy habits for a prettier year. However, I only gave a brief explanation as to why I love it and how to do it.

So I decided that today I would tackle the subject more thoroughly, including both those matters and also advising on how to choose and where to get the right brush.

First things first: what the heck is dry brushing?  (more…)

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Save your lips from the cold: how to avoid dry and chapped lips

photo principalsavelips_zpse658ef65.png

Whether we love the cold or not (I’m torn, personally), there’s no denying it can do a number on our looks: our hair gets frizzy, our skin gets dry (and it’s too cold to bear putting lotion on!) but perhaps lips are the area that has it worst.

Lips are very sensitive: they don’t have oil glands like the rest of our face, so they’re pretty helpless when facing the weather. And there’s no weather that’s nice to them! Summer brings heat and sun, and winter has dry air.

We’re all our lips have, and we have to act like the hero here. The reasons why we love healthy lips are obvious, but let me remind you just in case: kissing, pouting and perfect red lipstick. PERFECT-RED-LIPSTICK.  (more…)

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DIY Blotting Paper: How to remove oil and shine from face in 4 super cheap, fast steps

photo principalshine_zps24bf35cd.png

A shiny face can ruin even the loveliest of pictures, the most careful of makeup looks and the most adorable of faces. This being such an issue, many ways have been invented to avoid disaster.

The most important part of it is using the right products for your face. A too-heave face cream, or one that’s drying in a dry face can backfire and produce unflattering (but healthy) oils.

Foundations, BB Creams and powders have been created to help us oily-faced beauties look our best, but sometimes even our very best efforts are just not enough. And that’s when blotting papers come in. (more…)

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DIY Pore Strips: How to get rid of blackheads on the cheap.

photo princ_face_zps86cdb3aa.png

The one true problem of every girl is not figuring out what boys want. It’s the fact that blackheads are ugly and pore strips are expensive.

Photo retouching has us all convinced that perfect skin means no visible pores, and pores that are really just dirt receptacles are way more visible than we want them to be. And so we need something to get rid of blackheads. (more…)

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Sunday Sweet Spot: Three must-see beauty tutorials for basic makeup moves.

must see beauty tutorials eye lips cat eye liner red perfect long lasting

Tutorials are the internet’s way to make up for our lost privacy. Thanks to them, and the amazing people that take the time to make them and post them online, we get to learn how to do things we maybe didn’t even know we wanted to do and often some secrets previously held by professionals only.  (more…)

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